You are currently viewing Real Talk with Agency Leader Gretchen De Vera: Going digital still needs to be personal:

Real Talk with Agency Leader Gretchen De Vera: Going digital still needs to be personal:

With her many years in the insurance and financial advisory, Gretchen De Vera has been exposed to various leadership styles which she believes were pivotal in reframing how her own style of team management will be.

But what she adds to the standard is her passion for championing the values that many today tend to overlook.

So what makes a good and effective leader? And how does one become such in this time of rapid technological advancement and change?

A Different Type of Leadership

Even before looking at revenue, expansion, or employee growth, a business must have the right leadership to confidently call its endeavor a success.

But success in sales is also hinged on one’s ability to build a relationship through empathy, active listening, resilience, self-awareness, drive to innovate, and a commitment to help and empower others.

Undeniably, these values are already recognized in the workplace today. However, with Gretchen’s brand of leadership, she puts these qualifications to fore when welcoming new members into her growing team. 

The goal of a business leader is more than adding names to the roster

What a NextGen Leader Is

Gretchen is proud to share that her team of financial advisors is welcoming more and more NextGen Leaders. These young professionals embody what she looks for in future team leaders, managers, and business owners.

While others may start their careers from an unrelated industry, they make up for it by devoting time and effort to be trained, mentored, and coached. At the same time, they hone their ability to advise by genuinely helping others.

Gretchen team of financial advisors

The High Tech in High Touch

Gretchen’s business has always been characterized by strong communication and interpersonal skills, but now she’s adding a new touch by going online.

She stresses how high touch must match high tech nowadays, given the new normal business dealings because of the pandemic.

Not only does going online bridge the physical distance, but it also brings the business closer to the target audience — both in acquiring clients and in attracting new leaders for her team.

For Gretchen, this move supports business agility without losing the core message of her mission.

High tech is OK but we are people - Gretchen

With this, she turned to Opti/Write to assist her in revamping her brand and upgrade her business’ reach.

What she started on Facebook quickly grew into something more impactful when she brought her mission to LinkedIn. She is now sharing her expertise, experience, and advice with business peers, teammates, and even with young professionals among her connections.

She calls this an investment with sure results — a plan that reaps progress through consistent effort.

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LinkedIn, Long Haul Plans, Leadership in the Modern Sense

For Gretchen, the professional success and personal growth she has experienced since coming to LinkedIn in November of 2020 is nothing short of an adventure.

She narrates how reaching being able to connect with many professionals begins with a mission — one that is centered on helping others.

Thus she has made sure — and still is maintaining the same promise until today — that she will share whatever she can with the community and listen to them as well.

One of her joys was collaborating with #LinkedinLocalPhilippines to deliver a live talk on unleashing one’s leadership potential. It was also heartfelt (and a proud moment) hearing how her daughter, Elicia was able to share her own takeaways as a mentor while providing a real glimpse of their unique mom-daughter dynamic.

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Gretchen’s decision to start building her online brand is what she refers to as “investing as you would in insurance”:

“Going online is a commitment towards continuous learning. If I want to grow my influence, I had to look for people who can help me. Being a leader means choosing where to focus while delegating work based on someone else’s expertise.”

Circling back to Gretchen’s goal of developing leaders from today’s young professionals, she extends her company’s doors to anyone looking for paid leadership opportunities.

One of which is their PruVenture campaign: a premier training program that enables qualified candidates to lead and shape the insurance industry while receiving a substantial training allowance.

True to her mission, Gretchen is making waves in the industry — not only as a business owner and financial coach but as a thought leader with a heart for helping. And, we, at Opti/Write could not be any more humbled and grateful to be instrumental in her success.


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