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Confidence-boosting moves to get you to the next level

Struggling to find confidence during a client presentation or job interview — here’s a useful mental hack

Job hunting and client prospecting can deflate one’s confidence and it’s tough to put our physical, mental, and emotional selves back in perspective after a couple of unsuccessful tries.

When push comes to shove and you’d need to regain belief in yourself, how do you manage to get insecurities out of the equation?

Here’s one of my favorite mental hacks—

Powerful CEOs are known for their ability to uncover the best among themselves by emulating the people they admire. Referred to as their ‘alter-ego’, this mindset is what they use to gain the confidence to achieve outcomes and move past the common resistance of self-doubt and fear.

Basically, if you want others to think that you could lead the next unicorn, then better act like one.

Now, the easiest way for you to channel your ‘alter-ego’ is by mimicking someone whom you look up to. Try to assimilate their self-assured walk, the way they speak with authority, or the way they approach a person with such a jovial, infectious mood.

Putting yourself in the shoes of someone you admire allows you to tap into their characteristics and point of view, and thus, provides you a needed jolt of confidence.

There are many ways to help get you in your alter-ego state. Some find it helpful to wear an item of clothing that is associated with their desired persona. Others would listen to a motivational speech, read an inspirational quote, or recite a mantra.

Your alter ego is you

The aim is to consciously embrace this part of yourself but try not to overexert or personify your alter ego all the time, as it can be mentally draining. The key is to strike a balance among the different personas that comprise your personality.

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